Saturday, January 01, 2005

Cup 9: Cats

cup 9
Originally uploaded by matt_leclair.
Location: the livingroom, Orono, ME
When: January 1, 8 am
Present: Dot & Dash
Coffee: Maine Roaster's Coffee French Roast
Mood: playful

Dot and Dash follow me into the waking world as I leave Jessie to catch up on her sleep. The sisters kept her up most of the night. To celebrate the new year, they decided that all their kitty litter needed to be piled in one mound in the corner of their box and spent hours doing so. I slept through most of it, but Jessie didn't. They then decided to destroy their cat basket, the one Jessie's mom had so carefully repaired for them. Hours of work gone in a few minutes. Fortunately for her, the kitties decided to chase the belt on my bathrobe out of the bedroom. They chased me all over the apartment as I made coffee. Of course I had to play with them the whole time I drank my morning cup. Took me an hour to finish it. Seems like a great way to start the new year!


Victoria said...

Great photo!

jennybunny said...

I agree -- the pix are becoming more interesting as you progress.