Sunday, January 09, 2005

Cup 22: Friars Bakehouse

cup 21
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Where: The Friar's Bakehouse, Bangor, Maine
When: 12 pm, January 8, 2005
Who: Jessica Brakeley
Coffee: unknown
Mood: happy

Bangor has a real live Franciscan monastery. Or maybe the monastery is in Brewer. The monks raise money for their monastery by baking bread and running a little restaurant in downtown Bangor. It is one of my favorite places in the world. The monks wear their robes and sandals, even when they work. There is usually religious music playing in the background, although a few months ago Cubano jazz & pop were regular features, as the monks were getting in the mood for their trip. Periodically the Bakehouse closes as the monks travel to a foreign country to do missionary work. This year it was Cuba. Such times are frustrating because I like to go to the Bakehouse every week!

The food is simple fare, but it is done so well that it seems elegant. I usually get the grilled cheese sandwich. It isn't just any grilled cheese sandwich. It is the best grilled cheese sandwich I've ever tasted! And I think that every time I have it.

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