Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Cup 32: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time

once a great notion
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Where: living room, Orono, ME
When: 7:30 am, Jan 18, 2005
Who: Jessie, Dot & Dash
Coffee: Maine Roasters French Roast (almost out!!!!)
Mood: content

Jessie was up early this morning, so she joined me in my morning routine. Usually I am up and about for an hour or two before she is, but she had homework to do today. She knows better than to try to engage me in conversation before I've finished my coffee, so she sat quietly on my feet (they were cold. 0° F here in the sunlight!) and we watched one of my favorite animes, Big O, that just started running again on the Cartoon Network.

The Maine Roasters is running low, and there is nowhere to get it around here. Fortunately, we're heading south this weekend, so maybe we can take a detour. The best coffee along the way is Port City Coffee Roasters coffee, out of Portsmouth, NH. They roast the coffee on premises, and actually put the roast date on the bags. It is out of the way, but worth the trip!

Ever had a good idea that you were stuck with? When I was in LA you could get Xmas trees at the Ikea. They were in a pot, still alive. If you brought the tree back, alive, you'd get your deposit back. This struck me as a great idea. It really makes me sad when I see dead Xmas trees on the side of the road the day after Xmas. The tree grows for years to get that size, then it gets chopped down, used for a couple days, then thrown away. I haven't had a tree in years, but Jessie really wanted one, so I went out behind the house and dug one up. It was really nice! A great thing about a living tree is that it doesn't drop needles the way a dead tree does. But here's the thing I didn't really think through. California is warm all year round. You can put the living tree back outside and it will be fine. Here I've brought a tree into the house and it thinks it is spring. The sap is flowing. There are buds growing on it. If I put it outside now, it'll be just as dead as any other cut Xmas tree in the garbage. So now we're stuck with this tree in our living room until spring really happens!

A great idea I'm stuck with... like it or not, like the idea of writing about every freaking cup of coffee I drink...

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