Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Cup 50: Pizza and Coffee

Wednesday evening
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Location: Market Café, Stillwater, Maine
When: January 26, 2005, 8:00 am
Present: Yvette, Isaac, Jessie
Coffee: Port City India Malabar
Mood: happy

Yvette is back! Yay! Yvette is another New Media dept. graduate who left the state to find work. Happily, she came back to work on her Masters, again in the New Media dept. She's one of my favorite people and was the first friend I made when I returned to Orono. When I learned she'd returned I just had to get together with her for dinner! Unfortunately, I'd forgotten to inform Jessie of these plans (I thought I had, but...) so she was a little distressed to discover two extra people at our table when we arrived at the restaurant. I really hadn't talked with Jess for days (too damned tired) but after my coffee injection at the restaurant I was able to perk up enough to talk about the previous days. So Jess was hearing things for the first time that she should have already known about. Way smooth, Matt.

But anyway... coffee and pizza? Hell yeah! Two of my favorite things in the world, with two of my favorite people (sorry Isaac, I don't know you well enough to include you in my "favorite people" category). What could be better? Well, I guess having one of those favorite people not upset with you could be better, but still, life is pretty damned good.

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