Saturday, January 29, 2005

Cup 54: Right Where I Should Be

dot and dash
Originally uploaded by matt_leclair.
When: January 29, 2005, 8:00 am
Present: Dot & Dash
Coffee: Port City Capone
Mood: content

At last, I am back where I should be. For myself, all I really want is to be able to sit and drink a good cup of coffee in the morning, to ease into the day content and happy. Such days seem very rare lately.

I went downstairs to steal half & half from my mom this morning, and Dot & Dash were waiting for me on the stairs when I came back. I set the cup down so I could snap their picture and they were momentarily fascinated by it (if I set it down in front of them it must be food or a toy!)

I had no idea it was possible for me to love anything as much as these two cats!

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jessie re said...

That is the best picture of the kitties EVER!