Monday, January 10, 2005

cup 24

cup ??
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Where: all around the apartment, Orono ME
When: 7 am, Jan 10th 2005

First day teaching a new class. 8 am, Monday morning. And I am supposed to be able to get college students discussing digital art at that hour of the morning? I'm not even awake, then. Funny how on vacation I can be up at the same time and be wide awake and ready to go, but when I've got something to do? Forget about it. No time to sit and sip coffee today. Tired, cranky, my voice scratchy from this damned cold or whatever I've got, barely awake. Coffee giving me that little bit of extra push I need to get moving. I brewed a whole pot this morning. A cup to get me started, the rest to keep my throat lubricated and my brain working through the class. Realizing at the last minute that I'd forgotten to update the syllabus with this semester's date. Rushing. Bad form for the instructor to be late on first day, or any day, of class. Halfway to campus I realize I left my coffee sitting on the counter. Halfway through class I crash. The sick and the tired catch up to me. I let the students go early. They don't mind.

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