Friday, January 14, 2005

Cup 28: Frantic

infernal device
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Where: Pembroke Elementary School, Pembroke, ME
When: Jan 14th, 8:30 am
Who: lots of kids and teachers
Coffee: Folgers
Mood: frantic

So much to do. Computers to fix, kids to teach, a website to work on, a report to get out, just for starters. I wanted to get an early start on it but realized with terror that I'd forgotten to run to the Mobil station to get a cup of the only marginally decent coffee in town. There was nothing for it but to drink the school's horrifyingly bad coffee. Fortunately things were so frantic at school that I never really had time to taste the coffee. A few sips here and there, but mostly the mug was just a prop that I carried with me from room to room and set on the table nearby to keep me company. The day left a bad taste, worse than the coffee. Legally I can't get into details. Keywords are: Parents. Divorce. Custody battle. Attempted kidnapping. Cops. Kids crying. Teachers shocked. The things parents do to their children in the name of love. All this happening in the halls while I try to fix computers, while the teachers try to keep teaching their classes as though nothing at all out of the ordinary was happening. The child in the middle of all this will remember this moment for the rest of their life.

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