Sunday, January 23, 2005

Cup 39: Driving on 9

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Location: Eddington, en route to Pembroke, Mark's Car
When: January 21, 2005, 6:30 am
Present: Mark
Coffee: Green Mountain Coffee French Roast
Mood: waking

We're lucky enough to live in Orono, one of the only towns in Maine that actually plows its roads. Rt. 9 is a different story. Even though it stopped snowing some time ago, it appears the plowmen have decided to let the traffic do their job for them and just let the snow get pushed out of the way. It is a mess, scary to drive on and we fear for our lives. It took two cups of coffee just to get me awake enough to hold a conversation. I ask Mark to pull over at the Eddington Citgo so I can fill up my to-go cup again, where I learn something disheartening. If you're drinking wine, you start with "the good stuff." Switching to something of less quality when you're tongue (and brain) are a little pickled is okay. Try this the other way around, though, and you'll miss the subtlety and beauty that is a good wine. Coffee, on the other hand, doesn't work this way. A good cup followed by a bad cup only makes the flaws so much more apparent, makes the bad cup so much more dissatisying. After drinking the Maine Roasters with the organic Half and Half, the Green Mountain with the "minnie moos" half and half tastes like swill. I'm not happy. But what can I do? Not only must I face the early morning, the cold, the dark but also the fact that WE COULD DIE AT ANY MOMENT!!!! Driving on snow in the trench the vehicles before us have made, logging truck hurtling toward us, maniac drivers from New Brunswick tailgaiting us... I grip my coffee like it is some protective talisman, sipping nervously. It tastes so terrible that for a moment it takes my mind off everything else. For once bad coffee is a good thing.

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