Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Cups 13 & 14: Uncle

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I am successfully back in a routine. Cats, coffee, book for one hour, rolling into the day with as little thought an energy as possible. This all changes Monday when I start teaching an 8am class and the coffee becomes not just a pleasure but an absolute necessity. It is a scary thought. I really don't wake up completely until around 10 am, which means by then I've actually been lecturing and helping students. More than once I've experienced sudden terror when 10 am rolls around, and I know I've been talking for some time, and I have absolutely no idea what I've been talking about.

The picture is from my favorite coffee mug, given to my by my niece and nephew. It really does look kind of like me. I do wear a sweater vest too, on occasion. Sweater vests make me happy, probably because an ex-girlfriend wouldn't let me wear them because she thought they were unstylish and uncool. Now I have enough self-confidence not to care whether they do or not.

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