Friday, February 11, 2005

Cup 70: My Life in Trash

my life in trash
Originally uploaded by matt_leclair.
Where: Orono, en route to Pembroke
When: Feb 9, 10:30
Who: just me
Coffee: Green Mountain
Mood: tense

Going to Pembroke on Wednesday instead of Thursday to meet with the Perloffs. The Perloffs are a couple from Downeast who made good, and now, in their retirement, they give grants to schools to do special projects. They're funding Pembroke's Lego program, which I've been getting started. I have to rush to get there before they do and show off what we've accomplished. It's a mixture of expressing genuine gratitude because they've truly done a wonderful thing, and sucking up in hopes they'll give us more money. There's no way I can get there in time without speeding the whole way. 20 ounces of Green Mountain Coffee from The Store and Covenant on the iPod will keep me moving fast enough, though. I groan getting back into the car. The filth is rising. No place for an extra passenger to sit. Hard to feel motivated to clean out the car when it is this cold.

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Shumi said...

I think the concept of your blog is really funny and not at all boring. I'm a coffee junkie myself.