Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Cup 68: Eye Surgery

eye surgery
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When: 7:30 AM
Where: Eastern Maine Eye Associates, Bangor Maine
Who: Ethel LeClair
Coffee: Downeast Coffee
Mood: Pensive

They serve Downeast Coffee at the Eastern Maine Health Care Mall Café. The Eastern Maine Healthcare Mall Café does catering. I can't quite picture it. You've got some swank, gala event going on and, well, knowing that the Eastern Maine Health Care Mall Caterers are doing your food doesn't actually say, "PARTY!" does it? I mean, they specialize in food that isn't going to upset your stomach after surgery or fasting, right? Downeast Coffee is quite appropriate. Unnofensive and pedestrian, but packaged nicely so it looks like whatever food service place serves it actually spent some money on it. The kind of coffee you can drink after surgery.

The book was Smoke and Mirrors, a collection of short stories by Neil Gaiman, lent to me by my neice Sofia. Can I just tell you how cool it is to have a neice in the sixth grade who reads Neil Gaiman? Did I have as good taste when I was that age? Of course, but not many 6th graders do. I definately wasn't as stylish. How man kids own a black cardigan sweater with Jack Skellington embroidered on the pocket? Anyway, book and coffee, good way to pass the time, sooth the nerves while my mom gets needles stuck into her eye.

So, they weren't ghouls, but my mother's eye was quite a bit more traumatized from this weeks surgery. Last week you could hardly tell she ever had anything done. This week she looks like she's been in a fight. I am glad she only has two eyes, so we don't have to go through this again next week! Sticking close to home for the rest of the day to keep an eye on Mom.

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