Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Cup 69: Desk Accesory

desk accesory
Originally uploaded by matt_leclair.
Where: my office, Orono, Maine
When: 6:30 am
Who: Dot
Coffee: Port City India Malabar
Mood: busy

I've got a new desk accessory! Dot hangs out a purrs while I work beside her. It is wonderful! The cats seem to have picked their people. Dash seems to gravitate toward Jessie while Dot and I tend to hang out together. It fascinates me that twin cats could have such different personalities, and that they'd gravitate to the people who have similar personalities. Dot is aloof while Dash is a love me love me love me furball who puts up with anything. Just like Jess and me! Or am I just giving in to the pathetic fallacy, and any human attribute I see in the cat, as those cynical experts would say, is just something I am projecting on to them. Right now the cat is purring and I could care less.

1 comment:

jessie re said...

I am not a furball damnit!

(yeah, okay, but otherwise the comparison is rather apt...)