Friday, February 04, 2005

Cup 61: Friday Morning Breakfast

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Where: Poor Boy's Diner, Dennysville, ME
When: 6:30 am, Feb 04, 2005
Who: Georgette, Trudy, Paula
Coffee: Unknown
Mood: accepted

These early mornings, I don't know. It is like I solipsistically believe that the world begins to exist when I wake up in the morning. But now that I've been waking up and hour or two earlier every day I find that there is a whole world going on without me. It is a world of coffee and food and sunrises.

There isn't much to do at the Rainbow Motel ($25 a night!) at 6 am, so I drove to school, but it was still locked, so I kept heading down Route 1 to Poor Boys Diner. I love Poor Boys, but I always feel a little uncomfortable walking in there. The cook/waitress/dishwasher/volunteer fire department dispatcher is always nice, but Poor Boys has its regulars who eat there every morning and have for years. When I walk in they stare at me openly. I'm suprised they don't say, "Ain't from around here, are ya?" and chase me off with baseball bats or something. On the other hand, the food is really good there, and for three dollars I can get a veggie omelette that stretches clear across my plate. I pull up a seat, engross myself into whatever I brought to read, and ignore the stares.

At 6 am the coffee is actually good at Poor Boys. The coffee maker has just been cleaned out and the coffee hasn't been sitting around, and the waitress comes round to fill it while the cup is still half full so the coffee never gets cold. I'd sat by myself long enough to order but not long enough to get my food and two of the teachers walked in. I forgot that the teachers met every morning for breakfast before class. They actually invited me to their table! I didn't feel like such an outsider then. And the omelette was gigantic and excellent as always.

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