Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cup 4: Coffee Cream

cup 4
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Location: My livingroom, Orono, ME
When: December 28th, 2004, 5:30PM
Present: just me
Coffee: Maine Roaster's Coffee French Roast
Mood: content

Just a relaxed afternoon, now that everyone is gone and I am alone for the first time in days. Savoring the quiet. Catching up on the TV shows the TiVo caught for me while I was away. Realizing it has been days since I had a really good cup of coffee, so I ground some beans, boiled up some fresh, filtered water and brewed a cup in the French press. Many connoisseurs argue against French presses for coffee, believing that the grounds suffer by soaking in hot water, as opposed to brewing it properly in a flow-through coffee maker. I agree that a good coffee maker can produce a more consistently satisfying cup of coffee, but I love the complete control I have over the coffee in the French press. Anything less than three cups in most any coffee maker is problematic, but in a French press I can decide exactly how much coffee I want to make, and how long I want it to steep for.

The cream was special this time. From my recent trip to Canada, I brought back a liter of "Coffee Cream." I was so excited to see this in the dairy section! Cream designated specifically for coffee! It contains 18% milkfat. Not sure what this means, since the percentage of milkfat isn't labeled on most dairy cartons in the US, save for "2%". They also had "Cereal Cream," and that sounded really yummy. Coffee Cream doesn't seem much different from half & half, but I still like the idea.

In all, an excellent cup of coffee on a nice, relaxed afternoon.

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