Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Cup 3: Christmas Miracle

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Location: Mom's Kitchen
When: December 28th, 2004, 8am
Present: Ethel LeClair, Caritha Curti, Matt Curti, Sofia Curti
Coffee: Folgers
Mood: happy

The Christmas miracle this year was that Mom bought a new can of Folgers! Folgers, of course, ranks somewhere below Dunkin' Donuts but slightly above boiled cigarette buts in terms of taste. The inherent badness of Folgers is made worse at my mom's house because she insists on getting giant 5lb cans of the stuff because it is a really good buy at Sam's Club, even though she only drinks the stuff when company comes over. She prefers instant coffee. The giant cans of Folgers stick around for years and years in the freezer. Fortunately, Mom has a decent coffee maker and knows the right amount of coffee to use, and she always has half and half on hand, so the coffee at Mom's isn't the horrible ordeal it might be.

It was a happy cup of coffee this morning. I made it back in time last night to spend some time with my family, although the weather forced me back to the Brakeleys the first time I left. I got up early since the Curtis were headed home early in the morning, and I wanted to have the chance to visit with them. Breakfast was coffee and macaroni and cheese. Nanny makes the best macaroni and cheese, according to Little Matt, my nephew, and he wanted to get his share before he left, even if it meant eating it for breakfast. I joined him for a bowl, and we played Bagha Cha, the national board game of Nepal, while we ate. This was followed by some multiplayer Super Mario DS, but then Little had to go shower and get ready to go.

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