Saturday, March 18, 2006

Victrola Coffee

Victrola Coffee
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Jessie just got back from her whirlwind west coast adventure, from Seattle to Las Vegas to LA. In Seattle she stopped by Victrola Coffee Roasters, where she had the best cappucino she'd ever tasted and lovingly picked me up two bags of coffee. First is the Bolivian, a #1 Cup of Excellence award-winning coffee. My goodness, what a good cup of coffee! It tastes like a lazy summer thunderstorm. Like those days when it is so hot that the thunderstorm is welcome and you sit on the porch and watch the lightning strike and the raindrops splash off the ground, and listen to the deep, distant rumble of the thunder. The Bolivian tastes exactly like that, deep bass rumbles blending with bright, constant patter, a complex blend that you can hold in your mouth and taste new and different things for minutes on end. Jessie also picked me up bag of Streamline Espresso. This is the first time I've ever actually used coffee that was specifically created for espresso. Frustratingly, I can't buy espresso blends around here. This was pretty amazing, too. The crema was the thickest I'd ever been able to make. The taste? It was a little distressing at first. As a straight shot it had me worried. It was a bit too bitter for my taste. But when I layed foamed milk over it for a macchiatto it opened up and became smooth and sensual and wonderful. I've been making even more espressos than usual, and Jess, who usually stays away from coffee, has been asking for them also.

The Victrola is where Tonx works. I've sung his praises more than once in this blog, for his espresso porn and latte art photography. This is where I first heard of the Victrola. Someday, I'll make it out there myself!

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