Thursday, March 09, 2006

Furry Alarm Clock

furry alarm clock
Dash has taken to waking me up every morning at 5:45. I usually get up around then anyway because I like to see the sunrise, so I' glad that she does this. It is so much more pleasant than waking up to an alarm clock!

She'll jump up on my feet, then walk up my legs up to my shoulders. Then she'll jump off and sit beside my head and purr loudly while she knocks things off my bed stand. If I don't get up, she'll jump off and start at my feet again. She only does this to me. Even if Jess is sleeping with a leg or arm draped over me, Dash will carefully avoid Jess's body parts.

After I get up, Dash waits patiently for me on the couch while I make coffee. Then she jumps over to the hassock while I drink my coffee and she laps half-and-half out of a plate. She only wants about half a teaspoon-full and she'll only drink Organic Valley's Organic Half & Half. She's by no means a model of feline grace about it, either. She splatters half & half EVERYWHERE. On the coffee table, on me, on herself. I need to keep towels handy. But she has to have her morning half & half, just as I need my morning coffee. At least I'm a littler neater about it!

It has become my new morning ritual!

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Simon said...

It was nice to read this section as i have two cats myself. On a morning at 7am after they have both chased each around the bedroom a couple of times i get out of bed and they follow me around evey room in the house while i open the curtains. They have done this since they were kittens.