Saturday, March 11, 2006

Coffee Station

Coffee Station
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While Jessie's away for her bachelorette party out in Vegas, it is time to do some rearranging! We now have a music room in an area that was just storage. I didn't really mean to do it. I just needed to hang something on the wall and there was a piece of furniture in the way.

Jessie & I are both packrats, though, so really, there's something everywhere in this apartment. Moving a piece of furniture isn't as simple as it sounds, since that means moving something to create a place for what I'm trying to move, and then that thing needs to be moved and so on.

So when all was said and done, I'd moved a bookshelf from the kitchen into the laundry room, a plant stand from the library to the new music room (formerly a storage area), plants from the kitchen to the music room. Then it hit me that we had a little table rotting away on the porch that my grandfather built out of scraps he salvaged when he was working as a carpenter at the University and I refinished sixty years later. It is pretty and has historical and sentimental value while we've got worthless crap furniture inside. So I brought it in and, with a little more rearranging, set up a coffee station.

Coffee Station closeup

It is great! I've got all my gear in one spot, and I don't need to move anything or unplug anything in order to use it. The only catch is that it is way too low. I have to kneel down to use it. It looks like I'm praying to the coffee gods.

I guess that's not too far from the truth!


Sith_Lord_Nibbles said...

That pink coffee machine is *sexy* XD And is that Captain Kirk I see..? ^^;

matt leclair said...

Why yes, that is Captain Kirk! Good eye! Trek Rules Wars Drools!


Yeah, the Francis! Francis! X5 kinda looks like a stealth bomber that came out of the closet...