Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Good Thing #4: Dot & Dash

Our two cats, Dot & Dash. I know most of it is just human projection on behavior that is probably much more self-absorbed than it seems, but these cats create such a feeling of unconditional love! I get up in the morning and they're happy I'm awake, and they rub themselves against my legs. And when I come home it's the same thing. And sure, it's probably just because they want to be fed, or need to re-mark me as their territory, but when something cute, warm and purring acts happy to see me, it makes me happy.

Although they're just warm lumps most of the time, I find them endlessly fascinating. I would have assumed that things like "personality" belonged to things with bigger brains, but these twin sisters have distinctly different personalities. Dot spends her time following me around, usually just a few feet away from me as long as I'm home. Every once in a while she'll come up and want to be petted, and will walk on the keyboard until I do. Dash could care less, unless I have a lap for her to sit on. Then she'll park there as long as I let her. Dot is aloof and seems like the shy one, but will be the first to explore an unfamiliar situation while Dash hides under a bed. Dot somehow knows I'm on the toilet, no matter where I am in the house, and will run in and demand to be petted as soon as I sit. Dash stands guard outside the bathroom when we're using it. 

I could go on and on, but like children, people's own cats are infinitely more fascinating to themselves than anyone else. Suffice it to say I love my cats and my every day is better because they're in it. 

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