Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Thing #13: Waking up Early

I love the early morning neighborhood, when I'm the first one up and there are no cars going by, and it's just me and the crows. And slowly, I can hear it all wake up. A car engine starts, a dog starts barking, a door slams. But a little bit at at time, as if the entire neighborhood is just trying to ease into the day.

I love the way the cats follow me down stairs, and rub up against my legs as I make my coffee. Dash usually wanders back upstairs to sleep on Jess, but Dot sticks around until I sprinkle more food into dishes that already have catfood in them. Then I have to pet her while she eats. It's our morning routine.

I love sitting in peace and quiet solitude while I drink my coffee and my brain starts working. Soon people will be up and the business will start, but for a moment the day is completely mine.

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