Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Cup 95: Glow

Originally uploaded by matt_leclair.
Where: my office
When: 6:30 am, March 2, 2005
Who: Dot
Coffee: Avalon Organic Italian Roast
Mood: mundane

I switched to the macro lens so I could get way close to the coffee. I was trying to capture the oil slick on the surface of the coffee. You don't get this when you use a paper filter, so, IMHO, an essential part of the coffee gets lost then. So I recommend a gold filter, or a French press. Even a gold filter will still strain out some of the essential coffee-ness, so a French Press is really the only way to get the full-on coffee experience. I was almost dipping the lens in the coffee, but before I could snap the shot, the lens fogged up. I couldn't get the shot I wanted, but the fog on the lens made everything beautiful and glowy and romantic. Now I'm thinking maybe I should carry hot coffee with me wherever I go, and take every picture this way. It certainly would make the world a lot prettier! And I could call it my coffee filter!

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Anonymous said...

nice photo...
I noticed in this issue of The Sun in the reader's section the ther is an upcoming topic for "coffee"...not a paying gig but if they publish you get 6 months of a very fine magazine.
details are on the "readers" section..this month is "Grace"